California AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

1 Hour Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Employees


2 Hour Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors


Abusive Conduct Prevention Training


Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sexual Orientation Harassment Prevention

State laws now mandate that employers provide various types of Workplace Harassment Prevention training to their employees.

For example, the State of California requires an employer having 5 or more employees to provide at least two hours of classroom or other effective interactive training and education regarding (1) sexual harassment to all supervisory employees…(AB-1825), (2) one hour effective interactive training and education regarding sexual harassment to non-supervisory employees…(SB-1343). The training shall include (3) prevention of abusive conduct…(AB-2053) and (4) shall be inclusive of harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation…(SB-396)

The following topics are covered in our Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, which incorporates Gender Discrimination, Workplace Pregnancy Issues, Abusive Conduct- Bullying Behavior and Gender Identity/Expression, Sexual Orientation Harassment and Discrimination Training:

  • Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Groping
  • Sexual Assault and Battery
  • Upskirting
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Workplace Issues related to Pregnancy / Childbirth
  • Gender Identity / Gender Expression Harassment
  • Sexual Orientation Harassment
  • Third Party Sexual Harassment
  • Email/Electronic Sexual Harassment
  • Non-Verbal Sexual Harassment
  • Retaliation for Complaining about Sexual Harassment
  • Remedies Available to Victims of Sexual Harassment
  • False Imprisonment
  • Abusive Conduct Prevention
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Unprofessional Conduct

These additional topics are covered in our Supervisory Employee 2 Hour Training:

  • Complaint Investigation
  • Supervisor Misconduct Reporting
  • Employer Preventative & Remedial Action to Avoid Sexual Harassment
  • Employer Liability for Sexual Harassment

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