Minnichka, L.L.C. Attorney and Trainer

Attorney/Trainer  Mitchell Davis is the principal of Minnichka, L.L.C. a workplace consulting training firm based in Mountain View, California. We specialize in Sexual Harassment Prevention & Abusive Conduct-Bullying Prevention, Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training.

Our 1 hour and 2 hour user friendly training can be viewed Online or scheduled in person for those who prefer a more personal interaction with Attorney/Trainer Mitchell Davis.

We have been consulting clients with great success since 1989 in the field of employment law. Mitchell of Minnichka, L.L.C. has appeared as a legal expert panelist on Court TV and has successfully represented his clients in State and Federal District Court civil cases and at Department of Fair Employment and Housing proceedings.

For large corporations, government entities & small businesses, Minnichka, L.L.C. offers entertaining educational training.

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Minnichka, L.L.C. Makes Sexual Harassment Prevention Simple.