Online Training

Who Participates

Supervisory– 2 Hour Training

For supervisors, managers, officers, and human resources personnel who have busy or traveling schedules, our user friendly 2 Hour online Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, which incorporates Abusive Conduct-Bullying Prevention, Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Harassment and Discrimination Prevention, makes Sexual Harassment Prevention simple.

Employees/Non-Supervisory – 1 Hour Training

In many states, employers are now mandated to provide one hour training bi-annually to their non-supervisory employees [SB 1343 in California]. In our 1 hour employee training, participants will be shown what constitutes Sexual Harassment and what types of misconduct and discrimination will not be tolerated in the workplace.

Training Format

Our Online supervisory and non-supervisory Interactive Training content consists of a slide show featuring cartoon and human characters demonstrating examples of Sexual Harassment, Gender Discrimination, Workplace Issues Related to Pregnancy, Abusive Conduct-Bullying behavior and Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Harassment and Discrimination.

Information on retaliation and remedies available to victims of Sexual Harassment, Abusive Conduct-Bullying, and workplace harassment/discrimination is also presented.

Additional information on Complaint Investigation, Supervisor Misconduct Reporting, Employer Preventative & Remedial Action to Avoid Sexual Harassment and Employer Liability is included in our Supervisory 2 hour training.

Four Interactive quizzes are placed throughout the training to reinforce the topics learned. Our Online Interactive Training is educational and entertaining, without using complicated and boring “legalese.”

Online High Quality Slide Audio Narration

Unlike most online training programs, our online training has Audio. Yes, High Quality Audio so participants can listen and learn without the need to read slide after slide of boring/legalese text.


Upon completion of our training, an elegant Certificate of Completion can be printed by the training participant.

24/7 Training Access

Our Online Interactive Training is fully automated and can be ordered and used 24/7.  All that is needed is an internet connection.

You can easily order and begin your training today at

Minnichka, L.L.C. Makes Sexual Harassment Prevention Simple.